Dan's Layers Tutorial

Here are some other resources on the web relating to Layers, Dynamic HTML, and JavaScript that may also help you out.

JavaScript Authoring Guide
This is Netscape's online JavaScript Manual. It lists all the JavaScript commands with brief "techie" explainations. You can also download it here - it is very helpful to view it offline because it's a pretty big document.

Netscape DevEdge Online
This is where Netscape hides all their technical documention and news.

Netscape's Dynamic HTML
Covers the new features of Netscape 4.0.

JavaScript Tip of the Week
One of my all-time favourite web sites. It features dozens of very usefull JavaScript examples and gives detailed explainations of how they work.

The evolution of the JavaScript Tip of The Week.

Voodoo's Introduction to JavaScript
One of the best JavaScript tutorials on the internet today.

Macromedia's Dynamic HTML Zone
Nice site with tons of links, cool demos, and an excellent discussion group.

Dynamic HTML Lab
A site with weekly additions about cross-browser DHTML.

Microsoft Dynamic HTML
Explains the DHTML object model for IE 4.04

K. Moriyama's JavaScript Games
This guy makes the most amazing web-based games I've ever seen.... definately check it out!

Adam Rebholz: Layers Examples
Some cool demos of what layers can do.

Martin's Layers Page
Links to many layers pages.