Scroll Object Version 2

Revisions: now using the DynAPI Mouse Events script for mouse handling, and I fixed IE frame errors

The new version of the Scroll Object (Scroll2) is totally rebuilt using a componentized model. Scroll2 is merely a packaging object (like the DynWindow and ScrollList), it just assembles other objects into a uniform package. The objects that compose the Scroll2 are:

It is highly recommended that you read those 3 lessons before reading this one. The Scroll2 has very little functionality of it's own, and is entirely dependent on these objects for it's display and operation.

New Features compared to the old Scroll:

The only major issue with this new Scroll is that it's really really big (18Kb vs 12.5Kb for the old one) which makes it a little bittersweet. I've already removed far more whitespace than I usually do, made a mini-ButtonImage, and done some confusing/space-saving tricks to bring it down (used to 24Kb). All in all though, this code works great, you should have no problems with it, and I probably won't be using the old code any longer. This will likely be the last major upgrade to this code before NS5 comes out when I'll probably have to edit it a bit to make it work properly (haven't even tried it yet). The usefulness of this object will be an issue when NS5 is fully out because it will also have the IFrame tag by which you can bring in external files. But even still, this is a fun object to build some wild displays and break out of those ugly regular scrollbars.


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