Dan's Layers Tutorial
2.3  Clipping Layers

To make an animated clipping is done the same way as sliding. Recall our command to clip a layer once:

document.layers['layer1'].clip.right += 10;

We just plug that line into a looping function and we're done.

function cliplayer() {
	if (document.layers["layer1"].clip.right < 200) {
		document.layers["layer1"].clip.right += 10;
		setTimeout("cliplayer()", 50);

This function suffers the same problem that sliding did. I defined the end value as an absolute number, if you try and clip it again it won't do anything. But if you use the technique I showed in "All Directions" you can get around this if you need to.

Dan's Layers Tutorial
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2.3 Clipping Layers
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