Dan's Layers Tutorial
2.2  Pre-Built Functions

I have created 7 special JavaScript functions to move a layer in a different manner: Circle, Spiral, Hovering, Sine Wave, Parabola, Figure-8, and Slanted Oval. Each of the functions use complicated mathematics to calculate where to move the layer. I won't bother explaining the math behind them because it would require that you take a course in advanced Geometry. But I've designed the functions so that all you have to do is set a few options and the function will do all of the mathematics for you. You can simply cut and paste the code into your pages.

For each of the examples I will be using a generic layer. It's just a red box with nothing in it. The functions will of course work no matter what you put inside the layer.

<LAYER NAME="layer1" LEFT=250 TOP=150 BGCOLOR=#FF0000 CLIP="0,0,30,30">

If you need to use more than one of the same function (ie. 2 circles or 2 parabolas etc.) then you'll have to change all of the variable names in one of them. This is due to how I designed the functions - I made all the variables global. This was for ease of writing, testing, and using them. If you don't change the names the 2 functions will be using the same variables and will act very strangely because of it.

Dan's Layers Tutorial
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Overlapping
1.3 Nesting
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2.1 Sliding Layers
2.2 Pre-Built Functions
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